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In this research, by A Result Paper on Outsourced Revocation of Encryption Based on Identity in Cloud Computing free download ABSTRACT : In Cloud computing user can remotely store and fetch their data based on-demand service, without the burden of local data storage and maintenance. We should have a better security mechanism to protect cloud computing environments, Cloud computing is a way to increase the capacity or add capabilities dynamically without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. Ranked search greatly enhances system usability by enabling search result relevance ranking instead of sending undifferentiated results, and further ensures the file retrieval accuracy. The main objectives of this research are: To understand the security issues and the techniques used in the current world of Cloud Computing. Unauthorized access to a management interface on cloud computing, is an acute vulnerability, much more than it is on the traditional computing systems. This technology allows for much more efficient computing by centralizing data storage, processing and bandwidth. The data collected from the respondents’ interviews is both hand-written and also taped (with the permission of the respondents). Just don’t call them private clouds. There is nevertheless a growing emphasis on the consolidation of cyber laws and legislations, though there is much needed to be done in this area (Lamb, 2009). Finally, the Deployment Models of Cloud Computing are mentioned and briefly The secondary method employed consists of an exhaustive literature review that critically analyses the available literature and research on the subject. The available literature therefore indicates that the ownership and rights to access or use may be a subject of debate in certain cases, however, the current research found that the respondent organizations believed that they had complete ownership rights to all the information and data that they share on the cloud. It is interesting to note that the IT managers, though theoretically aware of the cloud computing system and how it operates, do not concern themselves with enquiring their service providers in further detail about the security aspects of their data. Chapter 3 Research Methodology presents the research approach, research methods, and research design in detail. Following government compliances, while creating the cloud environment, is very important. Figure 6: Rationale for Perception of Data Confidentiality and Privacy. As a cloud environment is a shared environment, there is always a threat of open access to data which is stored on the shared environment, unless clear-cut precautions are not taken (Johnson, Levine and Smith, 2009). E-Commerce Websites Online Selling Consumer Products – 2, Aronowitz, S. and Ausch, R. 2000. This is because a non-random sample can be a true or a close representation of the actual population under consideration as each member of the population has an equal chance of inclusion in the sample (Creswell, 2007). Chapter 2 Literature Review discusses the already available literature on debates, research, and opinions of scholars that relate to the current research’s topic. This makes it easy for organizations to enhance their computing storage and processing capacity without adding vast costs for equipment purchase (Proffitt, 2009). Berkeley: EECS Department, University of California. Third party cloud services are very much vulnerable because they may not be bound to follow the protocols and compliances mandated by the main service providers’ or the end users’ country (Krugel, Toth and Kirda, 2000;  Jain, Murty, and Flynn, 1999). The research used methods that suited the purpose of the research and employed qualitative approach to data collection which helped in gathering accurate and valid information. The industry analysts predict that the current state of cloud computing does not warrant that organizations should make a rush to embrace it in totality. One incident that was highlighted of probable unauthorized access to internal data or probable data theft was reported by the car parts manufacturer, but this organization too was not able to follow up on the suspicion. However, the trend seems to have been slowly enhanced as the big and acclaimed companies started providing cloud computing services (Bernstein et al, 2009). The present research paper is based on the sapience whether an equivalent engineering or technological philosophy can be applied to implement security mechanisms in the cloud computing system. Q1: How long have you been using the Cloud Computing Services (CCS)? In the case of the social media organizations, the ownership of the data was a more complex issue as the social media organizations operated in the business to business sector. Armbrust, M., Fox, A., Griffith, R., Joseph, A., Katz, R., Konwinski, A., Lee, G., Patterson, D., Rabkin, A., Zaharia, D. 2009. Cloud model of computing as a resource has changed the landscape of computing as it promises of increased greater reliability, massive scalability, and decreased costs have attracted businesses and individuals alike. In this paper, we study the use of cloud computing in the healthcare industry and different cloud security and privacy challenges. These three entities may be located in different regions or even different countries and hence come under diverse jurisdictions and governed by different set of local laws (Krugel, Toth and Kirda,  2010). Similarly, there is a felt need for the cloud computing services to be more accountable and responsible and provide full support and cooperation in the case of security breaches or other problems encountered by the end users. computing, architecture, challenges, cloud platforms, research issues. Infrastructure, Network Topology, Security all this is. There has been an exponential growth in new technologies that have converged to develop cloud computing services. E-Commerce Website Online Selling Consumer Products 1, 4. The organizations were selected as the researcher was either acquainted with the IT managers in these organizations, or knew some other senior manager. As cloud computing is an emerging technology, so are the concerns about security challenges being discovered and addressed. Hence, the cloud data centers are vulnerable assorted attacks. Data Integrity is a cause of concern as the end users are not aware of the authorization and access protocols for their data stored on the cloud. Security has become a major focus for most companies in this modern world. At the moment, the major cloud computing organizations provide the users with help center links and also receive calls at the call center. Journal of N... An Analysis of Security Challenges in Cloud Computing. Instead there is a need to be vigilant and aware about the security issues and then make an informed decision regarding what data and what resources can be shared on the cloud (Armbrust et al, 2009). It is found suitable to adopt a phenomenological stance in the current case. Next, the research also ensures that the data collection is completely unbiased and objective, even though qualitative method of data collection is employed. The details of the cloud computing services used are presented in Chapter 4 Findings. Cloud computing, still seems to be incomplete when it comes to security issues. Some of the external cloud environment service providers may not comply with the industry best security systems, which ultimately leads to data loss. Cloud computing services offer an innovative and cost effective means of utilizing IT capabilities, and as such are being offered as long term solutions for numerous educational, governmental, defense, and private businesses. On one hand, an individual has full control on data and processes in his/her computer. It also evaluates different technical formats or cloud computing platforms. With these requirements in mind, we present an IdM architecture based on privacy and reputation extensions compliance with the SAMLv2/ID-FF standards1. In terms of security, the perception was largely that the cloud computing services are only secure to a certain extent. The end customers are least informed and would like to look up to the service providers to not only enlighten them but also to provide some substantial guarantees and insurance cover against security challenges. During our experiment, we make use of virtual machine (VM) and set a window server 2003 operating system to serve as a forensic It was observed that the respondents on the whole were worried about their data integrity as they revealed they needed to share their passwords as well as internal information in the case when the cloud computing service provider also provides maintenance for their systems. Are SaaS & Cloud Computing Interchangeable Terms? View Security Issues in cloud Computing Research Papers on for free. There are also industry wise concerns about the legal issues involved regarding data ownership and data integrity (Boneh and Waters, 2007). There are no costs of purchasing and maintaining servers because cloud computing technology offers on-demand services (Schubert, Kipp and Wesner, 2009). 1. These findings are novel as they highlight that the security related issues are not a focal point as far as the IT departments are concerned. viders about their concerns on security and privacy issues. The service providers make large investments in terms of developing cloud computing services and infrastructure Toward this, organizations either tend to develop in house research expertise or try to buy security technology from the competitors’ vendors. A copy of the questionnaire is attached as the Appendix A. This can be done by using proper third party audit (for example, using a SAS 70 Type II audit as used by the Google Cloud). Sample Selection Method: The sample is selected in a non-random sampling method using the convenience and judgment of the researcher. Table 3 in Chapter 4 highlights the various rating of the overall performance of cloud computing, rating of security related issues, accountability of the service provider and ease of operations. The organization started using cloud computing resources for storage and for application software that enable them to coordinate supplies and deliveries and manage the business without upgrading its own networking capacity or buying costly equipment. perspective, and the cloud service delivery models perspective. In the case of the car sales IT manager, it was found that there was a recent scare about data theft or deliberate malpractice by the cloud computing service provider as the customers’ had complained of receiving sales calls from various car dealers and other accessories parts after they did business with the interviewed company. There is a threat of male-ware or malicious attacks that may be targeted towards one or more user of the cloud or may simply be initiated to get the entire cloud affected (Praveena and Betsy, 2009). we consider important to understand these issues. Licensing on the cloud can be either based on the user or based on the processer. Sometimes, it is possible to replicate the information from one cloud location to another cloud location if the owner is same for both the clouds. The available literature has highlighted the fact that a large number of organizations hesitate in adopting the cloud computing services due to the lack of transparency about where and how their data is stored and managed (Praveen and Betsy, 2009). The other organization operated through an e-commerce site where the customers could buy pet supplies. The research recommends that for future research, it will be useful to develop a research instrument in a more standardized method and form, so that the reliability and the validity of the research are enhanced. However, in the case when things do go wrong, there appears to be a lack of ownership and accountability (Ranjan, Harwood and Buyya, 2008). The modernization of this method is to place identity and information separately on different level thus providing five -level security which have no direct communication between them, all working at different places. This recommendation is made predominantly on the basis of the findings from the interview where it was found that the end users make decisions based on the size and the image of the service provider. For example, the selection of the sample, though based on the judgmental technique, was also based on the consideration that the selected managers were experienced and well-versed in the cloud computing that was being deployed in their respective organizations. Buyya, R., Yeo, C.S., Venugopal, S., Broberg, J. and Brandic, I. The direct personal interviews of IT managers in six selected organizations from Dhahran/Saudi Arabia are undertaken and the collected data is analyzed using a reflective method. This is because resource sharing is one of the prime characteristics of the cloud computing, and hence the resources that are allocated to one system may be reallocated to another system in future(McClure, 2010). Barroso, L. A.; Hoelzle, U. In this paper, the authors discuss security issues for cloud computing and present a layered framework for secure clouds and then focus on two of the layers, i.e., Cloud Computing: Security Issues and Research Challenges free download security risks and issues that are currently present within the cloud computing industry. Cloud computing is a promising technology that is expected to transform the healthcare industry. To improve the mutual trust between costumer and cloud provider, a well-understood trust foundation needs to be in place. Instead of waiting for the user to lodge in a complaint, the service providers need to encourage the end users to provide regular feedback and voice their concerns through a customer platform. A comparison of our survey with other survey papers on the basis of the three basic levels is depicted in Table 5 . Despite of all the hype surrounding the cloud, enterprise customers are still reluctant to deploy their business in the cloud. The data or information in cloud is also prone to In this paper, we put forward some security issues that have to be included in SLA. This objective is achieved in the final chapter, conclusions and recommendations. 5. Cloud computing security forecast: Clear skies. This chapter gives a presentation of the findings from the interviews of the five IT managers from diverse organizations that have been involved with cloud computing. This was seen to have occurred for all the organizations to some degree in the past years. As far as security issues are concerned, a very wide study has been reviewed which signifies threats with service and deployment models of cloud. The findings are analyzed using the literature review as the backdrop with which the responses are contrasted and compared to understand how the interviewed managers perceive the security related concerns regarding the usage of cloud computing. F. (2009). This research paper brings a framework on what cloud computing is, main security risks and issues that are currently present in the field of cloud computing, research challenges, importance in key industries and also the personal hypothesis on future advances in the field of cloud security. Quantitative methods furnish information that is restrictive and bound by the need to confine the responses into a mode that is amenable to quantitative analysis (Creswell, 2007). It also used cloud computing applications that enabled the visitors to play games or interact with other members. Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information, are provided to computers and devices on-demand, like the electricity grid. The Datacenter as a Computer. Figure 1: Different Modes of Cloud Computing Services. Cloud computing is mainly based on three core technologies. This is conforming to the available literature which has pointed to widespread confusion and lack of information regarding the data storage practices used by the cloud computing vendors as well as licensing and ownership issues that are inherent due to the virtualization of the entire system (Armbrust et al, 2010). The aim of these sections was to assess the awareness and concern of the IT managers related to the data security, integrity, and similar issues. The research was able to successfully answer the research questions and also present a set of recommendations for the service providers. The protocols used in multi cloud storage environments can distribute group keys safely and allows the group members to communicate whenever they are in need of. The problems like session riding and session attacking on web applications are related to cloud computing vulnerabilities only because these attacks are intrinsic to the web application which is hosted on the cloud computing environment (Kwasniewski and Puig, 2011). 2009. Cloud was not the issue for the. Cryptography is also a core computing technology, which is used for security purposes (Boneh and Waters, 2007). security problem becomes more complicated under the cloud The research was based on the relevant ethical considerations that are warranted in the case of research undertaken with human participants. This was due to the fact that network security and other confidentiality issues were largely not encountered or became apparent to the end user in the normal course of the operations, while data integrity was often prone to be compromised during the routine check-ups or maintenance activities involving the service providers’ employees. related to the model architecture, multi-tenancy, elasticity, and The virtualization aspect of the network makes it difficult verify each and every account holder and to authenticate their intentions, thus leading to the network internal insecurities (Ranjan, Harwood and Buyya, 2008). What is the confidence level of end users about the security related issues of cloud computing? Companies take measures to ensure the data security is maintained that and data is safeguarded against hacking attempts. However, for other platforms like Infrastructure as a Service or the Platform as a Service, there is little standardization and audit protocols vary between different service providers (McClure, 2010). At the moment, it is a practice by the end users that privacy of the personal information and confidentiality of the business information can only be maintained if there is no confidential data put on the cloud (Kaufman, 2009). In this model it is easy for. These types of concerns originate from the fact that data is stored remotely from the customer's location; in fact, it can be stored at any location. The cloud computing services often suffer from issues related to downtime, delays in data transfer and also loss of data in transition (Reese, 2009) In addition, there are possible security concerns regarding authorization and access to the data that is being transferred as multiple intermediary points may be involved, hence adding to the vulnerability of the data. Words other than shows in essays. Boneh, D and Waters, B. A larger sample, even with qualitative research could have yielded more wide perspective on the security related issues and hence, it is recommended that any future research should include a larger sample size. It is expected that with an increase in the number of service providers over a period of time, it will become mandatory for service providers to look all the issue that trouble customers (Krugel, Toth and Kirda, 2000). This activity further enhanced the reliability of the research findings. For example, in the case of the Local Search website, the IT manager reported that one of the gaming applications that they have on their site does not load or work at intermittent intervals. The audit and assessment of the performance is standardized and fairly accurately undertaken. The details of the type of cloud computing services that these social media organization avail of are mentioned in the Chapter 4 Findings. Similarly, in the context of IaaS and other platform services, the respondents acknowledged that there was lack of transparency about the legal issues and jurisdictions involved as there could be variable laws governing different stakeholders in the cloud, and this was also found to be the case in the literature where it was reported that there is still much needed to be done to consolidate cyber laws and make them compatible Internationally. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and the other leading IT companies The respondents reported the following prominent incidents that they had encountered: Figure 5: Problems Encountered by Organizations with Cloud Computing.

Behringer C-1 Shock Mount, Jalapeno Meaning In Telugu, Black 3-shelf Bookcase, Clinton Township School, Royal Hotel Truro, Filipos Tagalog Bible,

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